This One Goes Out To The Ones You Love (or) The Power of Post-Its

This post goes out to those of you who love someone who is studying for the bar. No one is their best selves when they are studying for the bar. Your loved one will need space and time to study. They will also probably need you to cut them some slack with the everyday chores of life.

nypl.digitalcollections.510d47df-ed8a-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99.001.wThe best thing you can do for your loved one is to leave them alone, and periodically do something nice for them. Motivation, affirmation, and encouragement are key to the bar study process.

That is how you can help – your bar studier will need to be regularly reminded that they are awesome and smart. Simple things like leaving post-it notes with encouraging phrases like “You Can Do It!” around their living and studying spaces can go a long way. Flowers,  chocolates, and massages can’t hurt either.

Don’t worry, once they get past the bar exam, they will return to their lovable selves. They are under a lot of pressure now, but eventually that pressure releases.