Don’t Work

It is important to give the bar exam the respect it deserves. This is not like any other exam you have ever taken. You well need to put in more work than you think you do.


Recognizing that this is a privileged thing to say, it is still very important. It doesn’t matter whether you have worked all through law school. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always worked. You will not be giving yourself a good chance to pass the bar if you work.

This is a short period of your life – 10 weeks. Try saving up money for a bar review course and to live off of during this period. There are also banks that offer bar study loans. Borrow from loved ones if you can. Barter for things that you need – you can repay everyone when you are a lawyer.

Many law students support their families while going to school, financially and emotionally. This won’t work during bar study. You need to come up with a plan so that others are not financially dependent on you during this period. That will require some strategic thinking and advanced planning. But it is a necessity.

This is the time to invest in yourself. You will be much better able to care for your loved ones and your community once you have passed the bar and landed your dream job. Let them care for you now.