Prepare Your Family Now

Seek out the help you need early, and often. You need to prepare your loved ones for the bar study period. They will be thrilled to celebrate your graduation with you and they will think you are done. They have seen you stress out about exams throughout law school, and they have watched you succeed. They won’t understand the intensity of the bar study period. Even loved ones who themselves have taken the bar are unlikely to remember just how much they needed to study.

You will have time to spend with your loved ones and doing fun things, but you will have to be very disciplined about your time and schedule your activities carefully.images

I have seen many students fail the bar because they were not given the space they need by their families. It is not enough for your loved ones to say they support you. They must do so actively. That means giving you the time and space you need to focus only on your studies. If would be a nice bonus if they took care of meal prep and laundry for you too. Talk to them early, and often, and keep reminding them of the task you are facing.