Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation season is upon us! Congratulations to everyone graduating from law school this month!

Getting into the celebratory mood can be difficult when you have the bar exam ahead of you. However, it’s important to take some time to celebrate, and reflect on how much you have accomplished. Law school has been hard. There were moments when you thought it was impossible. But you did it!

Remember those first semester exams? It seemed inhumane to be required to memorize that much material, spot that many issues, and write so much in such a short time. But you did it!16246-illustration-of-a-graduation-cap-pv

Remember learning to use Lexis and Westlaw? Remember learning to write your first legal memo? It was like learning a foreign language. And you did it!

Take some time to celebrate how far you have come. It’s also important to let your loved ones revel in your graduation. It can be as much for them, as it is for you. Take the time to thank them for their support (and remind them that they are going to need to continue to give you that space and support for a few more months).

And anytime you’re feeling like bar study is impossible, remember that you also thought surviving 1L was impossible, and yet, you persisted!