Disconnect From The Movement

One of the things that sometimes gets activists in trouble is that they are incredibly involved in their communities. They are part of multiple groups, or hold demanding leadership positions in active organizations. It’s important to disconnect from these rules fully for the bar study period. Social justice activists are often not good at saying no. So, when they say they will cut back or only limit themselves to one of two tasks, they often find themselves being asked to do more than they had originally contemplated. It’s better to completely cut ties for the bar study period. There will be plenty of time afterwards and you will be in s much better position to help. If you don’t give yourself the time you need, you will only end up needing more time in the long run to retake the exam.

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It’s important to make plans to disconnect. That means talking to others and putting systems in place to take care of what your would normally take care of. That way, you won’t be fielding last minute calls because no one knows how to do that things you are usually responsible for. It will also give you piece of mind because you can trust that things will get done in the way you would want you to get done.

You should actually think of this process as movement building. Too often activist organizations run on personality and max out and burn out key leaders. Sharing knowledge and deepening the skills of multiple members will lead to more sustainable organizations and will make the work, and the people, stronger. You will soon be able to return to the work more focused and free from the anxiety of law school and bar study.