But what if I fail?

Many bar studiers have moments when they think they’re going to fail. Chances are, you won’t. The odds are that you will pass on your first try. You’ve graduated from law school and you are more than capable of passing.

But, it’s true, you may not pass on the first try. So then what will you do? You’ll take it again. That’s it. It will hurt. It will mean another few months of your life devoted to studying for the bar. But, that’s all it is.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be a fabulous lawyer. It doesn’t mean you won’t land your dream job. It doesn’t mean you can’t change the world.

You are not your bar exam score. Your life’s worth isn’t connected to the bar exam. It’s certainly not tied to how many times you take the exam.

Everyone hopes to pass the bar exam the first time, and that should be your goal. You should approach studying as if it’s important to you to pass on the first try.

But, it may help to think about what will happen if you do not pass. Free yourself of that burden and anxiety now. That way, you can focus your energy on studying because you will already have worked through the worst case scenario. 

Have compassion for yourself. What would you tell your best friend if they were worried about not passing? What would you tell your best friend if they didn’t pass on the first try?

The truth is that life will go on. You will take it again, and you will pass. Everyone will still love you. And you will still be the amazing advocate you are today.