Paper, Please!

The bar exam is still given on paper. Even though you can type your answers to the MPT and essays, you are still given those questions (and the MBEs) in paper booklets. Therefore, it’s important to practice reading questions on paper as well.

Bar review companies boast about their fantastic online technology that allow you to highlight, underline, and make notes on questions on your computer screen. While these technological advancements are great, they’re not the same as putting pencil to paper.

While people read and retain information differently on paper and on computer screens, the real concern regarding practicing on an electronic device, as opposed to on paper, is timing. Many students have reported that after doing MBE practice primarily, or exclusively, on a computer, their timing was vastly different on the actual MBE. That timing discrepancy threw them off, and in some cases meant that they didn’t come close to finishing the exam.

Don’t put yourself in that position. Practice what you will need to do on exam day. You wouldn’t take a road test after only playing driving video games. Don’t practice in the wrong medium for the bar exam either.index