Just Keep Going


You’re a few weeks in. You’re in the groove. It’s starting to feel routine. But the exam still feels like it’s so far away, and there is still so much to learn.
That’s OK. You’re exactly where you need to be. Just keep going.

Don’t let poor performance on an essay or MBE set deter you. Just keep going.

Remember that you’re still in learning mode. Every rule you learn from an MBE question and every lesson you learn about how to apply a rule from an essay is more information you have gathered that will help you pass the bar. Just keep going.

Notice common mistakes that you are making, whether they are doctrinal or test-taking mistakes. Keep a list so that you can remind yourself of those common mistakes and remember not to make them. Just keep going.

If you’re not yet in a routine, you don’t have any more time to lose. Figure out what is preventing you from sticking to a routine. Take affirmative steps to form a schedule and stick to it. Use those around you to help yourself stay accountable to your schedule. Set up a reward system for yourself. Try to move out of your own way.

You’ve got this!