Make a List and Check it Twice

After you do a set of MBEs or an essay, reflect on why you answered correctly, and why you answered a question incorrectly. Keep

WikiProject_Council_project_list_iconIt’s important to be thoughtful and reflective about the process of doing practice questions. Keep a list somewhere of common mistakes that you find yourself making or common triggers that you seem to miss.

a running list for yourself of things you want to remember.

Are you reading too quickly and missing key words?

Are you reading too slowly and over-thinking or over-analyzing?

Are you going straight for the answer choice that looks like a rule, without fully applying the rules to the facts and going through each answer choice to eliminate the incorrect answers?

Do you keep forgetting an important exception?

Keep a list of these things for yourself. Tape it up in your study area or somewhere in your home. Look at it every day. Once you diagnose your common test taking mistakes, you can take steps to correct yourself. The lessons will start to sink in and you’ll be doing practice more thoughtfully, and more successfully.