Don’t Worry. Be Selfish

A few weeks in to bar prep, it may be hard to continue to make bar study the primary focus of your life. Even extremely supportive friends and family miss you, and are wondering how they’re going to sustain the same level of support through the rest of bar study. 

But it’s really only a few moreindex weeks. It’s a short period of time. You’re not abandoning anyone. You’re not abandoning the cause. You’re giving yourself the space you need to be able to become a greater agent for change. You’re giving yourself the opportunity to use the tools you’ve been developing for the past few years.

Take a break. Have a nice dinner out. Remind everyone that you love them. But then get back to it. It will all be worth it when you get sworn in.


If you’re still holding on to obligations that are stressing you out, find a way to minimize them. Use your support networks. Talk to folks at your law school. You never know how someone might be able to help.