Trust The Process

cropped-pencilprotesthand.jpegBar study is uncomfortable. Our bodies aren’t wired to study for 10 hours a day for 10 weeks. You have to memorize a monstrous amount of material in more than a dozen different subject areas. You have to learn new exam taking skills because the questions are just different enough from your law school exams to feel like a different world. Everyone is telling you that you memorize in the last two weeks, but you feel like it’s physically impossible to memorize everything in that amount of time, while you simultaneously know you don’t have time to memorize now because you’re learning new material each day.

Trust the process. Your bar review company’s study plans are laid out the way they are laid out for a reason. Thousands of people have come before you, have followed the program, and have succeeded. You can too.

It’s true that you need to make some choices because it’s impossible to do absolutely everything that your bar company assigns. Trust yourself to make those choices. But don’t abandon the structure entirely.

You can memorize enough.

You can write fast enough.

You can read fast enough.

Your brain has gotten you this far. Trust it. You graduated from law school!

Trust the process to get you over the finish line.