Simulated Exams: To Do or Not To Do

ExamMost bar review companies schedule simulated exams in early July. You may feel like you are not ready yet because you do not have enough memorized. You may feel like you do not have the time to spend two days on a practice exam because you are behind schedule. You should still do the practice exam.

Remember that you are still in learning mode. Your job now is to learn as much as you can from everything you do. The practice is exam is not a crystal ball. It will not tell you how you will score on the bar exam. But, it will give you valuable insights that make it worth doing.

Take note of how you do on specific sub-topics. The simulated exam can give you a good idea of particular sub-topics that are giving you trouble, so you know where you need to spend a little extra time.

Look at your MBE scantron. Are there places where you get several questions wrong in a row? That may mean that your focus is waning. Make a note of that and come up with a plan. On actual exam day, a few questions before the point at which your energy began to fall, have a snack, drink some water, close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Do something that will force your brain to re-engage.

Similarly with the essays, did you find yourself drifting off at essay 3 or 4? Take note of stamina issues and make a plan for the essays and MPTs.

Was the person next to you driving you crazy tapping their pencil? Did you suddenly become starving at MBE question 92? Did you forget to drink anything and become dizzy at essay 5? Were you freezing? Were you sweating? All of these are important things to take note of, and make a plan for dealing with on exam day.

The simulated exam isn’t just about the doctrine and your score. It’s about the simulation. It’s worth doing.