Hitting The Wall

You may be hitting a wall right now – too exhausted to continue studying while simultaneously feeling like nothing you do is working. 

Unfortunately, this feeling is normal. It’s all part of the process. You’ve been studying for a long time and you’re tired. Take a break this weekend. Go out to dinner. Watch a movie. Do something completely unrelated to the bar exam.

Confidence is a huge part of success on the bar exam. Trust yourself. You have come so far since you first walked into law school as a 1L. You graduated from law school. You know how to do this, even if you can’t articulate it. You’ve been studying for this exam for two months. You can absolutely pass the bar exam. You have all the skills you need. 

Trust the process now and trust yourself. If you feel like something isn’t working, do something else for a while. You know more than you think you do, and more is sticking than it feels like is in your brain. 

Keep pushing forward. You’ve got this!