Knowing When To Let Go (Strategize!)

Not all topics are created equal. Some subjects are always tested. Some are rarely tested. Some will make up 2 MBEs, while others will show up on several MBE questions and also essays. Your bar review company’s frequency charts and lectures can help you figure out which topics are high priority.

Bar studiers often struggle with when to let go of trying to understand a particular rule. (I’m never going to understand RAP! What is a contingent remainder?)


The time is now to begin making some of those strategic choices. You don’t want to spend a whole day trying to understand one small piece of doctrine that isn’t likely to be heavily tested. Your time is better spent shoring up doctrine that you do understand.

That said, don’t abandon whole subjects. You want to have something to say about every subject in case it appears on an essay. (Don’t put too much stock in predictions about what will/will not be the essay subjects. Bar examiners are intentionally unpredictable.)