The bar exam is tomorrow! Congratulations on making it through bar study!

Your task for today is to relax. That may seem impossible, but it’s critical.index

You may feel like you have to do some studying. If that’s you, do some light review of your outlines this morning. Then stop.

It’s important that you give your mind and body a real break. Go see a movie. Take a trip to your test site so you know where you’re going. Go out to eat. Get some ice cream.

Do something to wind down your brain – meditate, exercise, listen to music, watch TV, read fiction.

You have prepared, and you are ready. Now is the time to let your brain rest so that it can perform tomorrow.

(It’s natural to have a hard time sleeping tonight. Try your best. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. Count sheep. Picture yourself in your happy place.)