Feb 2018 Exam Locations!

If you’re taking the February 2018 bar exam in New York, check your email! Your location selection email was just sent out!

The bar examiners changed the process of location selection for this administration. You can read about it here.

Here is what the Board of Law Examiners is saying this morning:

The email directing the applicants to select their location for the February 2018 bar exam will be sent in a few minutes first to the JD graduates of the 15 New York law schools and then on Friday morning to the remaining bar exam applicants (out of state law school graduates, LL.M. graduates and all foreign-educated).   There are a sufficient number of available seats at our NYC test site (Armory Track and Field Center) to accommodate all JD graduates (both first time takers and repeaters) from the downstate law schools provided that these applicants make their selection before the email is sent to other applicants on Friday morning.  If they do not click on the link in the email and select and confirm their location before Friday we expect other applicants will take the NYC seats.