Choosing a Bar Review Course

The choice of which bar review company to sign up for can be an overwhelming one. There are many factors that should go into your decision making process. Picking one because your friend is a rep and tells you to probably isn’t the best approach (though in the interest of full disclosure, it is the one I took).

It’s worth spending some time speaking to the bar company reps, but also speaking to alums who have recently used different bar review companies. In terms of the well known, nationally recognized companies, they all offer a good product. But there are key differences between them that mean that some may be better suited for your particular learning style than others. The most effective way to evaluate what they have to offer is to sign up for MPRE courses from a couple of different companies. That will help you differentiate their styles and figure out which one seems better for you. If you’ve already taken the MPRE, take a look at their free law school outlines, and ask if you can have access to some of their videos so that you can try out their product.

In the end remember that no one fails simply because they chose the wrong bar company. You will love and hate aspects of bar study, and your bar company. No matter what company you choose, stick to their program, pay attention to your own learning needs, and you will be ok. Trust yourself, but also trust the process. The bar companies do know what they’re doing.