February Bar Results Are Coming In!


It’s that time again. February 2018 bar exam results are coming in. My jurisdiction, NY, released results to bar takers yesterday. Nationally, MBE scores dropped again, which means that pass rates are lower nationwide.

Congratulations to those who passed the bar! It’s a tremendous accomplishment and you should take the time to celebrate! Passing the bar exam is no easy task.

For those who did not pass, remember that how you perform on the bar exam does not indicate how you will perform as a lawyer. It is worth getting your essays from your bar examiners, and reviewing your work and your score report with someone from your law school. Think about whether you want to retake the exam in July, or take a break and try again next February. Sometimes it takes people a few tries before they pass the bar exam. Think about the big picture. A couple of years into your legal career, no one will even know that it took you more than one try to pass the bar. You just need to get over this hurdle, which is a short period of time in your life. You will undoubtedly become the great advocate that you came to law school to be. Take stock of how you studied, and reach out to your law school to develop a new plan.