One Week To Go

You’ve got one week to go before exam day! This week should be about shoring up your memorization and seeing as many essay and MBE fact patterns as possible.

This week you can assess what you know and what you don’t know. You can decide which sub-topics to throw away because getting them will take too much time. Trust yourself during this time period. Only you know how you learn best – not your bar company, not your friends, not even me. If your gut is telling you to spend time memorizing, do it. If your gut is telling you that you need to do more practice, do it.

Don’t put too much stock in bar exam predictions. They’re right sometimes and wrong sometimes. The bar examiners work hard to be unpredictable. So, you can look at them, and make sure you know the areas of doctrine that they predict. But, be prepared for everything. Don’t just prepare for those subjects.

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