Keep Going!

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Many bar studiers find it difficult to move on to a new subject before they have mastered the previous subject. This is, of course, a very uncomfortable part of the process. But, it is necessary.

Remember that you won’t, can’t, and don’t have to know everything. You just need to know most of it, and have enough confidence to let your legal reasoning skills carry you the rest of the way.

It is really important to keep moving forward. You want to have two (preferably three) weeks before the bar where you are done with lectures, and can focus on active memorization and practice. If you stop now and try to master a subject, you will be taking away from that crucial time at the end where you will need it more.

Remember that the real learning happens through thoughtful and deliberate practice. Your brain remembers more when it has to work hard to solve a problem, especially when you mess it up and have to figure out the answer through the explanation.

So stop trying to have the perfect outline, or have it all down. Keep moving forward. Spend more time on practice then you think you should, especially if you don’t feel ready for practice.

You’ve got this!