Bar Exam Essay Predictions

Right about now, people start focusing on essay predictions. Major bar review companies, supplemental study programs, and everyone who has taken a bar exam within the past few exam administrations start to predict what subjects will appear on the essays.


The bar examiners are intentionally unpredictable. Yes, most administrations of the Multistate Essay Exam include 3-4 essays on MBE subjects. Yes, evidence and criminal procedure are often tested together in the same essay. They seem to like civil procedure and secured transactions a lot. But nothing beyond that can be predicted.

The MEE often tests the same subjects two exams in a row. In July 2018 and February 2019, trusts was tested twice in a row. Sometimes, they don’t test the same subjects twice in a row.

No one knows what will be tested, except the NCBE, and they’re not telling us.

So, don’t spend time trying to figure out what is tested. Spend that energy on learning the material. I have seen many people over-rely on the predictions to their detriment.

Yes, you should know the subjects that whatever popular predictor of the year is claiming will be on the exam. They’re safe bets. Some of those subjects will be there. But know something about everything else too, because some of the predictions are always wrong.