Should I Do Everything My Bar Company Says To Do?


Over the past few years, bar review companies have expanded the products and services they offer in an effort to enhance student learning. Obviously, this is a laudable goal. However, it has also left many bar studiers feeling overwhelmed with assignments.

The most beneficial activity you can do is practice actual bar exam questions – essays, MBEs, and MPTs. If your bar company is assigning other types of questions, which don’t replicate exam questions, decide whether they are enhancing your understanding of the doctrine or your exam skills enough to spend time on them. It’s not all or nothing. You can choose to do extra assignments for some subjects and not for others. The same is true for reading the big outlines thoroughly.

You don’t have to do 100% of the bar company’s assignments in order to pass. You need to make strategic choices. Don’t just mindlessly go through your bar company’s assignments in order to check them off. Think about what enhances your learning the most.

Remember that at this stage there are three main things you should be doing every day:

  1. Actively watch bar company lectures.
  2. Solidify your study materials for the material covered in your lecture (make them yourself or annotate your lecture notes).
  3. Do practice. Essays, MBEs, and/or MPTs, every single day.