Struggling With Study Materials

At this stage in the bar study process, many people are struggling with the idea of how much time to spend making study materials. You can see my previous post on the subject here.

Figuring out the right balance of timing and study materials is one of the most overwhelming aspects of bar study. Think about the end game – what will you want to have during the last 2-3 weeks of bar study when you are drilling repeatedly?

Remember that you don’t need perfect study materials, you just need study materials  that will give you the concepts you need to spot issues and write something on an essay. Don’t use the study materials you made in law school as a measure of what you need. Start with your lecture handouts.

Don’t spend more than three hours a day making study materials. If you’re doing so,  rethink your approach. Think about whether you can use the commercial materials and simply annotate them.

You will spend the next two months internalizing the rules through MBE and essay practice. That is all part of memorizing. You have studied enough law over the past three years that your brain knows how to retain material. It will stick, even if you don’t have perfect study materials.