Always Keep An Eye on the End

The last 2-3 weeks of bar study will be devoted to memorization and practice. Everything you do up until that point is about learning, understanding, and internalizing. When you get to the end, your focus will be rote memorization (and more practice, of course) to get as many rules as possible into your short-term memory.

You need to be thinking all along about what you are going to memorize from during that time period. Be concrete – what do you see yourself physically doing during those last couple of weeks?

You will need to be making study materials all along. You won’t have time at the end to create materials and memorize from them. You don’t want to leave a topic without having created the materials you will use to memorize that topic.


This is often an overwhelming task for bar studiers, and it is always time consuming. It is time well spent, however, if you are spending no more than 3-4 hours per day on it. More than that means you are taking time away from practice.

Remember that you don’t need to create perfect outlines, or make everything from scratch. Use the bar company materials, but make them your own. Annotate them to make them work best for you. Do something to make the materials your own.

Use the notes from bar company lectures to make your study materials, not the big outline books. Lectures will contain the most important material. You can then add rules that you learn from essays and MBEs.

Bar companies underestimate the time you need to create study materials. Even if you are going to use their outlines or lecture handouts for memorization, you should review the material you covered every day (or the next morning). Seeing it again, reviewing it, writing on it, making changes, etc., all help you learn, understand, and internalize. If you have questions, get them answered now, along the way.