Questions For Bar Examiners

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I’m working on a list of questions regarding the physical space at bar exams this July/September. Here is the beginning of the list. If you are/were going to be taking an in-person bar exam this year, what questions would you have about the physical set-up and health and safety measures?

  • Will applicants be required to wear masks or face shields?
  • Will there be temperature checks?
  • How far apart will applicants be seated?
  • Will masks and hand sanitizer be made available to all applicants?
  • How far will proctors be seated from applicants?
  • Will proctors be wearing masks and gloves?
  • If a technician needs to touch an applicant’s computer, will sanitizing wipes be available to ensure the computer can be disinfected?
  • What will be the protocol for the lunch break? Will applicants have to leave the building?
  • How will social distancing be observed in the personal belonging rooms?
  • How will social distancing be observed in restrooms?
  • How will social distancing be observed in security lines and when exiting the exam room?
  • Who will determine if an applicant who appears for the exam cannot sit for the exam on the scheduled dates? Will they be given a refund?
  • If an applicant does not feel that the situation is safe and withdraws from the exam, can they obtain a refund?

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