Practice Everything

The best way to get ready for the bar exam, is to practice the bar exam. That means doing essays, MBEs, and MPTs over and over. You want to practice every single day, so that you know the test, not just the law tested.

This year brings unique challenges. States such as Arizona and Florida have announced that applicants will be required to wear a face mask during the exam. This means that not only will you be required to wear a mask for the six hours of testing, but also while waiting on line to get into the exam and out of the exam, and before the exam begins. So, just like you want to feel like you have done all of the parts of the exam before, practice wearing a mask.

You don’t need to wear a mask all day every day now, but you want to build up your stamina. The first time you wear a mask all day shouldn’t be the days of the exam. It will be uncomfortable and will make you think you can’t breathe properly. Make sure you have two comfortable masks, so you have one for each day of the exam. Maybe also try to buy or make ear savers to make the mask a bit more comfortable.