Remember Your Dream

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You came to law school for a reason. You were driven by something. You wanted to change the world in some way. You wanted to be part of fighting for a more just future. Hold on to those dreams now. Use them to motivate you.

Studying for the bar is always hard. It is even harder now.

But you can do it!

Protests and rebellions are happening nationwide. Legislative changes are moving rapidly. Organizing is happening at every level on every platform. It is long overdue and it is exciting. It can also make focusing on bar study seem trivial.

Additionally, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Many of our normal outlets for preserving our mental health are not available in the manner we are used to. Our ability to be social beings has shifted. Your preferred study location is probably closed, and you may not have adequate quiet study space where you live. You have likely had to shift your study plan, and re-imagined what bar study looks like.

You will need to lean heavily on your internal motivation in order to get through the next few months and stay focused. Remind yourself every day of why you are doing this. Post reminders on your phone or computer, or around your physical living and studying space. Go back to your law school personal statement to remind yourself of why you came to law school in the first place. Ask trusted loved ones to periodically remind you of the great things that you are planning to do with your law degree. You are so close to living your dream. You longed to get to this moment.

You have worked hard and come very far over the past few years. This is the final academic hurdle you need to overcome in order to get your law license. It is a short period of your life. Focus on the bar now, and it will pay off later. You will have an additional valuable tool in your tool belt once you have your law license. Having a law license is not the only way to make change, of course, but it is the path you have chosen. To start on that path, you need the license.

Take care of your mental and physical health.

Be kind to yourself.

Do practice questions every day.