Picture the Last Few Weeks

Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

September may feel like a long way away, but everything you are doing now is in service of the goal of passing the bar in September. In the last few weeks before the exam, when you are done with new lectures, you will be focusing on memorization and practice questions. You want to make sure now that when you get to that point, you know what materials you will be memorizing from. You want to use those materials throughout bar study.

You have options. You can make your own outlines or flashcards. You can use the lecture handouts or review outlines provided by your bar review company. You can purchase outlines or flashcards from a supplemental review company. Whatever you choose to do, it’s best to have one source (too many sources can be too confusing and time consuming), and to be internalizing the language from that source during all of bar study.

The key is to be active. If you are not making your own materials, you still need to make the materials your own in some way. That means writing on them, drawing on them, writing things out on separate sheets of paper, making charts, testing yourself, etc. Although you will do the rote memorization at the end, you want to be active with your learning all the way through bar study, so that you internalize the rules and put them in your long-term memory. So don’t just watch the lectures. After the lecture (or the next day) make sure you actively engage with the material again. Then actively engage with that material through practice.

Figure out what you want to use for memorization now. That doesn’t mean that you absolutely can’t change at a later date, or use something different for one subject. But, it does mean actively engaging in learning the material as you go through bar study, instead of just saying you’ll make materials and figure it out at the end. You simply won’t have time for that.