You Are Not Alone

Bar study is an isolating process. That is even truer this year when law schools and libraries around the country are closed, and studying with others brings with it a number of new difficult considerations. Even if you are studying by yourself, you are not alone.

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Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with others, and have it almost feel like you are together physically. Set up opportunities for parallel study. Take study breaks together. Have virtual lunch breaks, dinners or happy hours. Just because you are not sharing the same space as other bar studiers, doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to them. It just takes a little bit more effort. (As a bonus, you can always log off if someone starts to annoy you or stress you out!)

Remember to connect with your loved ones who are not studying for the bar exam as well. It can sometimes be helpful to remember that life exists outside of the bar too.

You can always reach out to the academic support or bar support folks at your law school as well. They are always happy to give you a pep talk or just listen to you vent. You can also still access mental health services through your law school.

Remember that you are not alone. Be kind to yourself and others.