It’s Time

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The September 9-10 bar exam is officially about 10 weeks away. That means it’s officially time to start full-time bar study if you have not started already. Bar study is difficult under the best of circumstances. Uncertainty and a pandemic have made this season’s bar study even harder. Despite this, YOU CAN DO IT.

Remember the three things that you want to focus on each day are 1) watching lecture, 2) annotating/making your study materials, and 3) doing practice.

You always want to keep an eye on the last 2-3 weeks when you will be focusing on rote memorization (in addition to practice, of course). Work with the materials now that you want to use then. That can be your bar company’s lecture handouts, their final review outlines, a supplemental company’s outlines or flashcards, or something you make. Don’t spend too much time each day reinventing the wheel and creating your own materials. You also don’t want to have too many sources, which will be overwhelming and confusing. Pick a source and stick with it. Add rules that you learn from MBE and essay practice.

You want to do some MBEs and/or essays every single day. You want to do them before you have memorized. You want to do them before you are comfortable with the timing. You want to do practice questions to learn how to succeed on the test, not to test yourself. Testing is the best way to learn.

Do an MPT every week.