Thank You Class of 2020!

Last Monday, I posted that the legal profession needed a do-over because bar examiners and Courts were going forward with in-person bar examinations this summer/fall that are – predictably – incredibly unsafe. But, the truth is, we don’t really need a do-over. We need to follow the lead of our most recent graduates.

The Class of 2020 has not only been studying hard for the bar exam, they have been organizing and advocating for each other and supporting one another in ways that demonstrate empathy and compassion. They have been collecting impact statements, partnering with Deans, attorneys, and elected officials, and drafting petitions. They have forced change across the country. Their work clearly demonstrates that they are ready to enter the legal profession.

While many bar examiners and Courts are pushing forward with the status quo – and in so doing are putting lives in danger – the Class of 2020, has given me renewed hope for the future of the legal profession. Let’s listen to them, and follow their lead.

Search for bar exam on Twitter to see some of their advocacy. If you are a lawyer or law professor, amplify their work, and know that the future of the legal profession is in good hands. While you’re at it, sign this petition to get diploma privilege in NY.