Studying Through The Uncertainty

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Studying for the bar is always a difficult task. It can be hard to focus when the weather is nice and there are protests in the street. This year, it is even harder to focus. There is so much uncertainty about daily life, and whether the bar exam will even be administered when your state says it will be. Try to find some certainty in daily tasks to help you keep pushing forward.

Make sure you have a daily schedule. It does not have to be the same every day, but keep in mind the main three things you need to be doing: 1) watching your lectures and taking notes, 2) annotating or creating the materials you will memorize from, and 3) practicing MBEs, essays, and MPTs.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what’s coming because of manner in which the bar review companies’ daily to do lists are generated. Don’t just blindly follow those lists with the goal of checking things off. You want to focus on what helps you internalize the rules best, and practicing the components of the bar exam (instead of just focusing on learning questions about the black letter law). Before you stop studying each day, make sure you know your plan for the next day so that you can wake up with certainty and a sense of purpose.

Celebrate and reward small accomplishments throughout the day. You watched the lectures without turning a 3 hour lecture into a 5 hour lecture experience? Awesome! Get yourself a piece of chocolate. You did 25 MBEs? Nice work! Throw yourself a 10 minute dance party break!

Try to create some certainty for yourself each day. Be kind to yourself and others. Breathe deeply.