It’s Ok To Stop For A Minute

News around the bar exam has been coming at warp speed for the past several days. That is on top of still being in the center of a global pandemic and a national reckoning on racial justice and Black Lives Matter.

It’s ok to stop studying for a few days – to breathe, to cry, to mourn, to eat a bag of Oreos. The emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty is real. The overwhelm of this moment is palpable.

You likely have a lot to figure out in terms of your personal finances, living situation, employment, family responsibilities, etc. Take some time to figure those things out for yourself. Put yourself first for a moment. (But wear a mask whenever you go out.)

If there is going to be an online exam in October, you will need to get back to studying in a week or so. But it’s ok to take a break now. It’s ok to slow the pace of study. When you get back into it, finish the lectures, finalize your memorization materials, and practice practice practice (on the computer).