Take Care of Yourself

This is your Monday morning reminder to take care of yourself. Whether you are signed up for an exam next week, in September, in October, or don’t yet know what your jurisdiction is doing, there are no easy paths forward.

You will spend a lifetime putting the needs of your clients first. That is what we do. The law is a service profession. But right now, put yourself first. Figure out what you need to do for yourself and your loved ones. Put your health first. There is no right answer, just a difficult path among many hard options. Don’t pick a path just because your friend is (just like you shouldn’t use flashcards just because your friend does). Think about your basic necessities and what you need to do in order to make sure those are taken care of.

When they write the book of your life — and your exceptional legal career — this will be a short chapter. It may end up being the catalyst that changes everything in legal licensing, or it may end up being a blip. (I bet the former because the class of 2020 is fierce) But one thing is for sure – this will be a short period of time in your lifetime of advocacy.

Breathe. Plan. Be kind to yourself.