Learning Mode!

Remember that you’re still in learning mode. All of the practice you are doing now is designed to help you learn how to take the bar exam.

It is understandable that missing issues/rules on MBE questions, essays, and MPTs is frustrating to you. But remember the purpose of the practice is to learn – not to test you. You are not in exam mode until exam day.

Your goal right now, particularly with essays and MPTs, is to see if you have spotted most of the correct issues, and learn how issues are triggered. If you didn’t know that a certain rule required certain analytical steps before you did an essay, now you know. If you didn’t know that a certain fact was enough to trigger or satisfy a certain rule, now you know.

If you learn a new rule, or a new piece of a rule, write it down. Put it in your outline or on a flashcard.

Stay in learning mode. Every piece of positive information you can take away from practicing questions is a bonus. That’s what you’re doing it for.

A perfect score is mythical. No one gets a perfect score, or even close to it, on any part of the bar exam. You want to get half the points on the essays and MPTs, and about 60% on the MBEs. If you’re close to that, you’re doing fine.

Stay in learning mode so that you can learn as much as possible. Try to turn your frustration and annoyance at the bar exam into something positive – learning as much as you can from the bar examiners so you can pass their test.